28 April 2010

My first proper attempt at using Photoshop to colour and shade... Feedback is most welcome :)

I like how the portrait came out, but I'm unsure on her top... The above image is just a botch job of putting everything together including the text. The mini needs dire development, at the moment the image simply isn't working. I'll also have to think about the colour of the text as well, I am however happy with the word 'detached'.

The time Grandma broke the door off of our Mini...

13 April 2010

Grandad and Dolly

Self Defined Continued

My self defined has now taken a new direction. I've now decided to illustrate old family stories. Simone (tutor) and I both came to the conclusion that copying directly from the old photographs was not a strong enough outcome compared to the photographs themselves. The photographs have many elements; i.e. the quality of the image, the age of the image and the era it was taken - the 70s. I will preserve these qualities by incorporating the photos into my work, thus making the pictures a part of the final outcome.

The man above is my late Grandad and the portrait below is of my Mum and her Aunt.