24 February 2011

23 February 2011

With this version of the Emperor, I have incorporated what I saw when I visited the V&A Museum; the imperial robes on display were exquisite. I can't quite replicate the intricate details to cutout card, however I have managed to cut out a crane and I have simplified the iconic chinese swirl pattern.

22 February 2011

"Love" Zine

This is a zine I've made for my Professional Practice module, it is based on the last rough I made. It's about the things I love; some of the things I've illustrated are silly, but the zine is meant to be light hearted and fun! This will have a partner zine, the next one I intend to make will have things I dislike or hate.

19 February 2011

Wired Puppets

I've used simple metal wires along with blue tack to enable the handling of the puppets. The wire isn't very aesthetic and it's not easy to hold, but I'm thinking of making a trip to a garden centre and buying some thin wooden dowels to prop my puppets.

Puppet Experimentation

18 February 2011

Coloured Light Experiments

I created the coloured light by simply placing thin coloured paper over my photography lamp. I think the paper is just as effective as coloured gels/cellophane.

Photography Lamp

This is my lovely new photography lamp :) I was going to buy the giant one but it was a little excessive, not to mention expensive aswell! It is perfect for my shadow puppet show, and plus there's no doubt that it'll come in handy for photographing future projects etc.

Shadow Screen!

This is the screen I'll be using to perform my shadow puppet show. I was originally going to build my own screen, but after browsing through Habitats closing down sale, I came across a cheap 70 x 100 photo frame.

17 February 2011

15 February 2011

Moving Cutouts

I've used split pins to create simple movements in my cutout characters. I'll need to find an alternative though, because the split pins aren't ideal, they're too big and too obvious. They also don't provide my cutouts with fluid enough movements.

14 February 2011

10 February 2011

Woven Clouds

I've tried integrating a weave pattern into the cloud, however I don't think this particular pattern works or is successful. I think next time I will attempt a simpler and better known weave pattern.

8 February 2011

Self Publicity Cutout Zine

This is a small cutout concertina zine I've made for my Professional Practice module. We were asked to make something that acts as self publicity, so I have chosen to make a zine about myself that showcases my skill of cutting into paper. It has rather silly facts about me, i.e. my chinese name, how I would love a bear cub for a pet, how I can eat a 2 litre tub of ice cream in the space of an hour, and how much I love sleep. These 'interesting facts' will probably be revised, but this is simply a dummy zine to get an idea of the outcome.

I like and am intrigued by the shadows cast from the cutouts. Apologies for the shoddy quality of the images, my phone is rubbish!

More Cutout Development