17 January 2012

Top Drawer 2012

Today I started my internship with the Greeting Card Association under the supervision of Sharon Little. It was an exciting first day for me, as I was definitely thrown into the deep end by visiting my first trade fair - Top Drawer at Earls Court.

The space was lovely, and the standard of work from the exhibitors was particularly high. As part of the GCA, Sharon and I made our way down the numerous aisles saying hello to all the card companies. Everyone was so friendly and there was a real sense of community.

I loved all that exhibited, but unfortunately if I listed everyone I'd be here typing all night! The following are a few of my favourites of the day:

Anzu is a company that specialises in embellished and hand-painted illustrated cards. As well as greeting cards, they also have a range of candles and notebooks. Anzu have such a delicate element that there's no doubt that their products will carry on to be discovered and treasured. To find out more about Anzu, please click here.

This humorous 80s range is Visoni's latest collection of greeting cards. They also have a collection of original vintage posters which can be purchased on their website here.

Betty Worm create colourful "environmentally very friendly" cards. I really liked the patterns and textures used in some designs, the hedgehog being one of my favourites! To find out more about Betty Worm and their products, please click here.

I fell in love with Ruth Jackson's quaint ink illustrations of ice cream vans, which seems fitting as I'm a huge ice cream fanatic! The elegant white stall with its mouthwatering large-scale 99p deservedly won Top Drawer's Best Dressed Stall prize.
Also on show was her collection of greeting cards that cleverly incorporated pencil sharpenings. To find out more about Ruth Jackson and her work, please click here.

Alice Palace take pride in creating hand illustrated eco-friendly cards. Alice's designs are always fun and colourful, and bound to bring a smile! To find out more about Alice Palace and the other products she sells, please click here.

This was another stall that I liked. Diane Williams' animal illustrations work as beautiful art prints as well as a greeting card range. To view and to find out more, please click here.

Overall a very eventful day, and I enjoyed meeting such friendly folk. Who knew going to trade fairs would be so tiring? Next up - Spring Fair, Birmingham!

16 January 2012

New Etsy Listing

I've just listed a new illustration print in my Etsy shop - feel free to take a look! It's a print of my submission for Stylist magazine's 100th issue cover. Other sizes are available and any other requests can be met.

5 January 2012


My wonderful boyfriend got me a Wacom Inkling pen for my Birthday and Christmas present. It finally arrived yesterday! It is sitting all shiny-like and new next to my laptop as I type. I cannot wait to try it out and see what it can do :)
It is a biro style pen, and it stores anything you draw in an instant digital format - and you can even create layers! I will give a full review once I've used it. Now, what to draw...


Hope everyone has had a lovely start to the new year despite the blustering weather... Thought I would post up some drawings I did a while ago for a brief based on vanity.I'm not very fond of this drawing - her eyes went strongly awry. I had originally wanted to pen plastic surgery markings on her face, [cliched I know] but I never got round to adding it. Perhaps I'll revisit her when I'm feeling more motivated?
I also delved into the world of body building, and this veiny being was the outcome. On a side note, was anyone else shocked by the recent body building antics of Jodie Marsh...?