29 April 2011

Qi Xi Promotional Zines

These are the promotional zines I have made to accompany my film! The red zine introduces the character of the tale Zhinu, and the blue zine introduces Niulang and his ox. On the back of the zines there is information about the Qi Xi festival date. I think they compliment each other quite well, I am contemplating envelopes... although am not sure if it is necessary? Maybe if I have some spare time? Arggh, the assessment deadline is approaching very quickly :S

28 April 2011

Finished Final Film!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts. I've finally completed my film, with sound and everything! Unfortunately, the file was too big to upload to Blogspot, but you can watch it via YouTube :)
Click on the following link:


Hope you all like it! Any comments/feedback is more than welcome.

14 April 2011

Final Film Without Sound

Hey guys! I've finally finished editing my film :) Unfortunately, it was too large to upload to Blogspot, however I've uploaded it to Youtube for your viewing pleasure.


Let me know what you think!

11 April 2011

Reached 3000 Views :)

Thank you to all my loyal followers! I've finished filming my animation, now comes the long and tedious task of editing it on Final Cut... Sigh. Will keep you all posted.

6 April 2011

Degree Show Self Portrait

We've been asked to do a self portrait for the degree show catalogue. I think I've lost touch with a pen having not held one in so long, so this self portrait is a little different and abstract compared to my normal style.

Filming Continued

Filming is turning out to be long and tedious, mainly because I'm annoying meticulous about things! However with perseverance and the help of my lovely assistants, this film will eventually be finished. Blogger is being silly and isn't letting me upload videos, so to tide you over for now - here are some still shots.