17 September 2010

Summer Project - Your Country's Homeless Needs You

Prince William Take Two... This resembles him slightly more than the previous. In fact, the previous was pretty horrific looking back now :S The edited version is cheese-tastic, however war time posters were indeed just that - cheesy and patriotic. Maybe the text should be in red or blue? Unsure if my own font works, or if I should just opt for a ready made font from the net. I'm much happier with the phrase this time round, it helps viewers to recollect the famous Lord Kitchener poster.

14 September 2010

Summer Project - The Dispossessed Need You

This is a play on the old war poster "Your Country Needs You". I have replaced the Field Marshall Lord Kitchener with the image of Prince William - this recollects the numerous newspaper articles in which Prince William calls for arms in order to help the situation of poverty in London.

Problems: Prince William looks bloody awful and holds no resemblance to the actual person. I might consider re-drawing it and opting for a softer medium such as pencil and watercolours.

Secondly, I'm unsure about the text. I was thinking instead maybe: "Your Country's Homeless Need You"?

Not going with the board game idea anymore due to lack of time.

9 September 2010

Summer Project - We Are Not Born Homeless

Unsure if this even remotely resembles a womb, but hey it's development - can't complain. Text font is a bit dodge - it's too harsh, will have to work on the text more. The picture is a copy of a previous hobo drawing, painted on with watercolours, then scanned in and edited. Undecided whether I like it or not...

In terms of the reverse Monopoly idea, this is flailing. I'm worried I don't have enough time to finish that concept. Lots of idea balls floating in the air...

2 September 2010

Summer Project - God Bless You

Apologies for the awful scan :S This is a pencil drawing of one of the 3,673 people sleeping rough on the streets of London. Albeit Islington is known for being wealthy and trendy - it is also one of the most poverty stricken places in London, alongside Camden.

I am now thinking of doing a Monopoly style board game to help educate and encourage people to help London's poor. This awareness will not solve the problem but instead help people to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Many people, when in vulnerable situations like being homeless, sleep or retreat into the fetal position. I might explore the idea of babies and produce an abstract poster with something along the lines of "You're not born homeless". This is however an idea in progress, which may or may not reach fruition.