26 August 2010

Summer Project

I like this version of the grave digging fox. It's a more graphic approach compared to my previous biro and pencil attempts.

The lady sleeping on the bag, was drawn when I was slightly tipsy - hence the dodgy soil stain on her behind... Will probably have to try to draw this again! I was going to add aspects of an airport to illustrate the dispossessed sleeping rough at Heathrow. I thought about adding signs i.e. Departures and Arrivals. It doesn't have to be 100% accurately depicted, but there has to be airport elements to help the audience identify what and where it is.

22 August 2010

Badly Drawn Fox

Wasn't really paying attention when drawing this, I don't really like this at all. It's a drawing of a fox with a partridge in its mouth. Based on the news article of the dead baby being snatched from its grave by a fox, I was thinking perhaps of swapping the image of the partridge with the image of a dead baby. Not the most delightful of things to draw... Not particularly wanting to go down the dead baby drawing route.

I will draw some more trials of foxes. This is only a tangent, I'm not even sure if I even like this story enough to base the rest of my project on it.

20 August 2010

Summer Project

Pretty awful drawing on my part :S But here it is anyway... I should probably explain what it is I'm doing for this Summer project! I'm looking to illustrate The Dispossessed Fund organised by The Evening Standard. It's aim is to help Londoners out of poverty. The Dispossessed Fund covers a lot of issues, ranging from the dispossessed taking shelter at Heathrow Airport, to the problem of mass pauper graves. For the past week I've been drawing the homeless. My context is to help encourage people to contribute towards The Evening Standard's plea, and also to raise awareness of the issue itself.

The issue of mass pauper graves led to an incident where a couple had their dead baby stolen by a fox due to shoddy burying. I may venture down the fox and grave route... Watch this space.