22 August 2010

Badly Drawn Fox

Wasn't really paying attention when drawing this, I don't really like this at all. It's a drawing of a fox with a partridge in its mouth. Based on the news article of the dead baby being snatched from its grave by a fox, I was thinking perhaps of swapping the image of the partridge with the image of a dead baby. Not the most delightful of things to draw... Not particularly wanting to go down the dead baby drawing route.

I will draw some more trials of foxes. This is only a tangent, I'm not even sure if I even like this story enough to base the rest of my project on it.


  1. if you dont want to draw the baby, why not leave the partridge? if it were a chick then the idea still stand, just needs a little more contextualising...
    This could be having a little blurb below saying 'foxes stole a baby from a pauper grave etc etc' or it could have two partridge parents standing solemnly over an empty grave, with a seperate image of the fox taking off with the child.. that sort of thing... thats not a great idea, but you get.. the idea.. lol

  2. Hey Dave, thanks for the feedback! I think I'll develop it a bit more and see where it goes, but thanks for the suggestions. Very interesting. Watch this space! How is your project going?x


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