17 March 2010

Self Defined Project

I'm basing this new project on old family photographs and drawing directly from them to produce portraits. I am yet unsure where this project is heading, but for the moment I'm going to take a leap of faith.

This is a portrait of my Mummy : )

8 March 2010

(E.E.P) Final Set - Mixture of Monty Python and Frames

This is my final set, I've combined the best aspects of sets number 4 and 5. I'm not entirely happy with the outcome of this set; the props and mixed themes look disjointed and confused. I'm beginning to wonder if set number 5 - the Monty Python set - was the best. The gilded frames detract from the other aspects of the display, hiding the quirkier concepts such as the bus, the winged bowler hats and the Monty Python-ised illustration of Johnny Rotten on the left hand side. I also think that an extra mannequin at the front might help the muddled composition.

7 March 2010

Mock Up Set Number Five - Inspired by Monty Python and Terry Gilliam (E.E.P)

Monty Python Set In Progress (E.E.P)

Trademarks of Monty Python:
  • Iconic foot squashing
  • Montage of hands
  • Flowers, sunflowers appear frequently
  • Bright cold colours
  • Absurdity and nonsensity
  • The merging of two different entities, i.e. a man's head on a chicken's body

6 March 2010

Monty Python-esque (E.E.P)

No Twiggy, One Logo (E.E.P)

After someone suggested that I could get away with using one logo that needn't have to fill up the gilded frame, I thought I'd try it out. At first glance, I thought that I could black out the background, but then thought that matching it to the purple would work better. I definitely prefer this later version opposed to the first edit with the logo layered on top of each other. It's simple and doesn't look cluttered. Furthermore the composition of the frames getting smaller and smaller draws your eyes to the mannequins and the logo situated at the back.

Edited Set 4 Minus Creepy Twiggy (E.E.P)

I've edited the photographs of set number 4; even though Twiggy is considered the fashion icon of the 1960s, none could deny that she looked ever so creepy lurking in the background... Thus, I have replaced her with the Ted Baker logo. It was annoying to edit because the gilded frame isn't rectangular but the logo is. In order to make a good representation, I've ended up using the logo one on top of each other. The outcome isn't bad, and in fact I needed an excuse to incorporate the brand's logo anyway. The sharp black and white logo fits in nicely with the theatrical and decadent theme of the window.

4 March 2010

Less of the Royals, more Twiggy, Rotten and Awful Colours (E.E.P)

These have been roughly edited on Photoshop, the motivation to make them look good is quickly diminishing in the early hours of the morning...

Steve Smith suggested that I shouldn't use images of the Royal family, for fear of permission rights and people misinterpreting the set as a satirical piece; so here, I've replaced the images in the gilded frames with the portraits I drew of Twiggy and Johnny Rotten. I have also filled in the backgrounds of the two icons to match Ted Baker's colour scheme, I've done the same with the Union Jack flag. These are quick roughs just to get an idea of how it could look if I were to incorporate Ted Baker colours into the set. Unsure if I like these, but I guess by doing so the set has immediately become more relevant to the brand.

3 March 2010

Ta-da! (E.E.P)

Have gone very British with this third set, however I have still stuck with previous themes of British nostalgia; i.e. bowler hats, umbrellas and London in the 1960s. I have yet to attach a sheet of acetate, and experiment with font to publicise Ted Baker's new Autumn/Winter collection. Here I have used two actual Ted Baker models to represent the positioning of the mannequins.

1 March 2010

Alternative Culture (E.E.P)

I've started looking at alternative culture and icons; such as Twiggy, Johnny Rotten, Kate Moss etc. I think I'll photocopy them and maybe experiment with using watercolours. I'm going to base my third set on a Sex Pistols-esque theme, illustrating the punk side of Britain. I've also been looking at the illustrations for the Monty Python films, still unsure of how this will all turn out, but I'll be sure to keep you updated.