31 March 2011

River Waves

Another Backdrop

This is the backdrop for the scene where the female protagonist Zhinu is watching Niulang from the Heavens, and through this small glimpse of contact she ends up falling in love with him.

29 March 2011

Latest Background Cutout

This backdrop took an entire day, my poor finger is at it's wits end! I'm pleased with the final outcome though, it should look quite good when I include the puppets etc.

Filming should commence at the end of this week or the start of the next!

21 March 2011

7 March 2011

6 March 2011

First Film Test Photographs

Hey, apologies for the lack of posts recently! I've been working away like a busy bee trying to have my cutouts ready for a test film! An upload of the film experiment is yet to come, so watch this space! My kind friend Andy offered me his camera and film services :) Here are photos from the test film, some of the cutouts need revising; for example I want to make the Emperor and Empress bigger to create a variation in scale. I did struggle trying to handle all the puppets, even with the help of my boyfriend, so I think some characters will have to be stationary.