4 March 2010

Less of the Royals, more Twiggy, Rotten and Awful Colours (E.E.P)

These have been roughly edited on Photoshop, the motivation to make them look good is quickly diminishing in the early hours of the morning...

Steve Smith suggested that I shouldn't use images of the Royal family, for fear of permission rights and people misinterpreting the set as a satirical piece; so here, I've replaced the images in the gilded frames with the portraits I drew of Twiggy and Johnny Rotten. I have also filled in the backgrounds of the two icons to match Ted Baker's colour scheme, I've done the same with the Union Jack flag. These are quick roughs just to get an idea of how it could look if I were to incorporate Ted Baker colours into the set. Unsure if I like these, but I guess by doing so the set has immediately become more relevant to the brand.

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  1. You could try using yellow and bright pink like the 'nevermind the bollocks' cover.. it might look terrible but it's punk relevant? How annoying that you can't use the queen!! xxx


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