27 February 2010

Recent Workings... (E.E.P)

This is my second set mock up. I was told my first one needed more of a context, so in this one I've decided to use an old photograph of Carnaby Street from 1966 as the backdrop. The hanging 'Ted Baker News' sign is reminiscent of the 'Carnaby News' newspaper from that time - this conjoins it with the modern era. Here, the quintessential London businessman do not look out of place in the slightest, the desaturation of these characters helps the viewer to focus in on the brightly coloured man in the purple suit - making him the focal point. The contrast in size also helps to aid this, also the contrast of numbers - 4 men to 1.

The use of lace is meant to represent a feeling of regality, high quality and a sense of delicateness. The man on the right is dressed in Ted Baker's infamous colour scheme - this is an attempt to grab the attention of prospective shoppers.

If this were to go in a real shop window, store managers could put clothing lines inbetween the "crowd" of grey impartial suits and the "focal" model on the other side, promoting the idea that they are also standing out from the crowd.

The tag-line could be placed in many ways; in this image it's printed onto the window, but ideally I would use something to make it more dynamic, such as using neon lights to grab the casual passerby's attention. The use of a carnivalesque font creates a feeling of the circus - that there is something interesting to see, furthermore Ted Baker is renowned for this type of quirkyness.

For this mock up I wanted to emphasise the scale of the focal point to the crowd, thus I used the box in a portrait format rather than landscape to allow for the positioning of mannequins in the window.

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