7 November 2010

Notion of Home - Self Defined Project Year 3

I suppose it's about time that I filled you all in on my current project, seeing as I haven't exactly explained any of my recent work!

My project is based on 'home'. It is a continuation from my Summer project, where I illustrated the plight of people in poverty living in London.

First of all, I started brainstorming ideas. These ranged from looking at nomads, backpackers, the idea of safety and turning homeless surroundings into a kitsch form.

I have a friend, Desmond Harris, who has been travelling around New Zealand for the past year and residing in a van. I like the idea of his van being his makeshift home. It provides everything he needs, bed, transport, kitchen and a general living space. I love the notion that this particular 'home' takes my friend to the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Some of the pictures that he has taken whilst on his travels, are breathtaking.

Thus I have decided to make a book, of some sort, dedicated to his faithful steed.

I want to experiment with some screen printing as well. I'm still feeling quite hazy in terms of the final product, but I'm sure this project will unfold eventually.


  1. Some beautiful re-creations of my pictures Sheeta.
    I hope the project was a success and I look forward to seeing the book when I finally make it back to England!

    Desmond Harris (Rubber Tramp)

  2. Thanks Des, couldn't have done it without you! Let me know when you're back in the UK, we can catch up over a drink. See you soon Rubber Tramp.x


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