28 April 2012

Rabbit Indoctrination

Continuing on from the first sneak peak I gave you all, I ended up becoming quite attached to the Japanese style rabbit character I made, and have since branched this out into range of its own. [Those of you who have recently seen my Facebook, blog and online shops will know that this rabbit fella is now everywhere!]

The first rabbit creation was my first real dabble with the Adobe programme Illustrator; I liked the clean look as an alternative to my usual style. After the seventh design, I think I'm beginning to get the knack of it! This is my latest design, it is a good luck greeting card with the rabbit as the star of the piece.
The rabbit took the best part of a day to edit into clean vectorised lines. I've been drawing my designs out by hand, scanning them in, live tracing them on Illustrator and editing any unclean lines with the pen tool. If you're familiar with Illustrator, you'll know how time consuming this is. I'm looking to buy a graphics tablet, but until I have the funds - this method will suffice for now!
The text was created using Helvetica as a base, with multiple four leaf clovers layered on top. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, I was a little skeptical whether it would look good or not! I do need to see how it would look on an actual A6 card, as the clovers within the text will look even smaller.

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